1. I currently have my statutory reports in non-XBRL format but I am required to file these reports in XBRL. How do I generate the XBRL documents?
The FSD system requires you to file reports in XBRL format. In order to generate the XBRL versions of your statutory reports, you need a tool to convert or generate an XBRL document. The iFile desktop tool will enable you to generate your reports in XBRL formats. You can refer the user manual for the iFile desktop tool for detailed steps on creating the XBRL report.
2. Can I access the FSD portal from my smart phone or a tablet PC?
The FSD portal is designed to be used only on a personal computer (PC) and is recommended to access the portal only through a PC.
3. I try to access the portal on a Safari browser, but I see that the alignment of some screens is not proper.
The FSD portal is best viewed in Internet Explorer V7.0+, Firefox V3.1+, and Google Chrome. For browsers other than the ones mentioned herein, the website may not render properly.
4. I want to register myself as a Company Super User, but my company name is not available in the autosuggest list.
You have to contact the System Administrator at helpdesk@dfm.ae for DFM or helpdesk@adx.ae for ADX to get your company registered with the FSD portal before you apply for a Super User registration.
5. Can I register a single person with multiple user roles?
Yes, you can register a single person with multiple roles as long as the email address and the User Name used for the registration of the different roles is not the same.
6. My company belongs to an industry for which I do not see the template for download in the website.
Contact the System Administrator at helpdesk@dfm.ae for DFM or helpdesk@adx.ae for ADX if you believe you are required to file your reports in the FSD portal but you are not able to find the required taxonomy template.
7. I registered myself for a Super User role and was able to successfully save my details in the FSD portal, but I did not receive an activation email?
Make sure the email address “UAEXBRL@xbrl-uae.ae” is not marked as Junk/Spam in your mailbox settings. If you still do not receive the activation link, contact the system administrator at helpdesk@dfm.ae for DFM or helpdesk@adx.ae for ADX User Manual for FIX Website Page 61
8. I am an auditor for a company. How do I associate myself with a company?
An auditor by itself cannot associate with a company. The Company Super User has to add an association request to an Audit Super User which the Audit Super User can accept or reject. Once accepted the Audit Super User can view the filings uploaded by that company and accept/reject the same.
9. Can a Super User upload a filing on behalf of the company?
Yes. A Super User can upload a filing on behalf of the company. Once uploaded, it will follow the same process of approval as it would have if it was submitted by a Company User.
10. Can a Super User approve or reject a filing?
Yes. A Super User can approve or reject a filing. If rejected, the file would not be processed further.
11. Can the instance document be modified once it is submitted?
No. Once submitted, an instance document cannot be modified. If the user wants to make changes to the submitted report, a new version of the report will have to be uploaded, which will have to go through the same cycle of approval.
12. I am a Company Super User and have uploaded a file for which I received a successful acknowledgement through an email; however I am not able to view the file to approve it under the “Check Filings” menu.
Once a file is uploaded, it is validated at the server and only files that are successfully validated would appear under the “Check Filings” option for approval. The validation engine at the server is a background process which runs at pre-defined intervals of time, so the uploaded file may not be immediately validated. So after uploading a file, wait for few minutes for the file to get validated at the server. If after few minutes, the file is still not available for approval, then contact the System Administrator at helpdesk@dfm.ae for DFM or helpdesk@adx.ae for ADX
13. I am a Company Super User and have submitted my details in the Super User Registration for Listed Companies/Auditors. I have activated my account by clicking the Super User Registration link provided in my email, but I have not received my login credentials.
After clicking on the activation link sent to the User’s email ID, the Super User Registration request is sent to the Exchange User Admin for approval. Only when the Exchange User Admin approved the registration request, the User will get the login credentials.
14. I am a Company Super User and have sent an Auditor Association request to my Audit Super User. I tried to upload an “Audited” or “Reviewed” file through the FSD portal, but I am not able to upload the file.
User Manual for FSD Website Page 62
For an Audited or a “Reviewed” file, at least one primary auditor must be associated with the company. Till the Audit Super User approves the association request, you cannot upload an “Audited” or “Reviewed” file. At least one Auditor must be associated with a company before any “Audited” or “Reviewed” file can be uploaded.
15. I received an email confirming that my uploaded file has been approved by the associated Auditor, but I cannot see the file under “Check Filings”
When a Company Super User approves a file for the first time, it must be approved from the “Check Filings” option. After the Company Super User approves the file from the “Check Filings” option, the file will be available to the Audit Super Users for approval. When an Audit Super User approves a file, the file will appear under “Review Filings” option. Only when all the associated Audit Super Users approve the filing, will the file be available for approval under the “Auditor Approved Filings” section but not in the “Check Filings” option. Note that for an “Audited” file to be submitted to the Exchange, it must be approved by all the associated Audit Super Users. If one or more Audit Super Users have not approved the file, the Company Super User will not be able to approve the file for Exchange submission.
16. I am an Audit Super User and I am not able to change the reporting relationship for an Auditor in my Audit firm.
An Audit Super User can only change the reporting relationship for Auditors directly reporting to the super user. Also, if the Auditor has any files pending for review then till the time the review is not completed by the Auditor, the reporting Audit Super User can not be changed for this Auditor.
17. Can a User be deleted from the FSD system?
A User cannot be deleted from the system once successfully registered, it can only be made inactive and once inactive the User will not be allowed to access the system. The Exchange User Admin can make Company Super Users inactive or the Auditor Administrator can make the Audit Super Users inactive by selecting the particular User to edit and change the “Active” flag for the User. Similarly, a Company Super User can make a Company User inactive or the Audit Super User can make an Auditor inactive in a similar manner by editing the particular User and changing the “Active” flag. Note that a User can be made inactive only if there are no filings pending for review with the User.
18. Can a User Name once selected be used by the same person for a different company?
A User Name and the Email ID once selected cannot be used subsequently by the same person for a different company. The person has to select a new User Name and a new Email ID for the new company.